Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tickets for the troops and Submarine tour!

Tuesday July 6, 2010
Today Gail and I met up again with Christian and Sean from Grossman's Seafood in Groton. We journeyed to the sub base to hand out tickets to men on active duty for the Operation Lobster Dinner event that Christian and Sean are organizing. All 500 tickets were gone before 10:30 in the morning. Tomorrow 100 more tickets will be given out to retired service men. Everybody is really looking forward to the special event!
We were also very fortunate to meet some men at the base who gave us a tour, introduced us to many of the military men, and even brought us inside a submarine! It was so exciting!
Afterwards, Gail and I met to discuss my goals for this year and my plans to promote my platform: "One World: Global Awareness for Global Prosperity." I am very excited to get started.

July 6 miles: 151 mi.
Total: 316.7 mi.

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