Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PARC Walk-A-Thon/ Hartford Colonials Game!

Saturday October 9, 2010

This morning I went to Norton Park in Plainville for the PARC Walk-A-Thon to benefit a group of Plainville citizens with physical and intellectual disabilities. I was able to meet many members of the PARC organization, listen to the ceremony, and lead the beginning of the walk! Laureen Ramano came with me to this event.. we had a great morning.

Right after, I stopped back home to pick up my mom and wonderful cousin, Jenna to go to the Hartford Colonials Game in East Hartford. I met Steve and Jeremy, Colonial staff, who gave me a Colonials Jersey to wear! Then I had the pleasure to meet Dale, who is in show business in New York City and also works as an announcer to the Colonials. Dale was my escort to “fan-fest,” a tail-gating celebration with a band, fun activities, and barbequing in the parking lot. I introduced myself on the stage and walked around to meet many people. Dale did a great job of announcing me to the crowd as we walked by- he kept me laughing the whole time! I even got to meet the Colonial Cheerleaders and see one of my very good friends, Ashley Abate, who is a captain of the team!
I sang the national anthem for the game in front of the 15,000 people that were in attendance. Then I was able to watch the game! During the game I took countless pictures and signed autographs. For the last quarter they brought me on the field to watch the ending. Everyone made me feel so special and I love watching football. It was really a great day. I hope to support the Colonials at their next home game!

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