Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Speaking at Sound School/ Delivering flowers and a Smile :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today I met Marla at her house and we headed to Sound School, where Donna Prete teaches in New Haven. There, I was able to speak to three high school classes of Juniors and Seniors, about myself and my platform “One World: Hope for All Children.” I shared through a PowerPoint and my video creations this inspiring message I have shared with children in Connecticut and America and with children abroad in Cambodia and Haiti. I love sharing stories of what I am so passionate about.

After the school, Marla and I went to her home to prepare a bit for interview and to look over my paperwork.

This evening I was in the mood to make someone smile. At the football game this past Friday, I saw one of my favorite little girls, Brooke Lowe, that I had met about five years ago while having her sing with me at a Christmas event. I had stayed friends with her and her family since then; Brooke is now in the 4th grade. Brooke’s mom sent me a message the next day saying that after the football game Brooke had went to the children’s hospital that night. On her way home, she told her parents that the only thing that would make her feel better is seeing me again. Brooke has been diagnosed with OTC deficiency. (OTC) Ornithine Transcarbamalase, is a life threatening illness in which there is no cure. OTC is a urea cycle disorder in which the the body lacks an enzyme responsible for removing ammonia, a highly toxic substance from the bloodstream. Ammonia can cause damage and or death. Lately, Brooke has been very sick. So tonight I picked up three bouquets of flowers, for Brooke and her two sisters , Zoe and Lilly, and surprised them at their home. They were all beyond excited! I stayed there for a while the girls showed me how to tap dance, play the clarinet, and talk for a while. Brooke showed me on the computer that she was just looking at pictures of me on the computer. Not only did it make their night, but it truly made my whole week. The smallest gestures can mean so much.

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