Saturday, September 11, 2010

Face Painting: fun at CHO and Swimming for a special treat!!

Friday September 10, 2010

This morning we had eggs at the hotel and went for a quick jump in the pool before we headed back to CHO. Joner and Jovin picked us up.

When we got back, we spent the entire day with the children- my absolute favorite thing to do!!! I have to say, I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else or doing anything else in the entire world. I painted the kids faces and they were so excited.

John and I were able to walk around the town a bit. Joner took us to see his home- it was actually very nice! He lives there with Jovin, Pierre Regis, Jometre, and their friend, Fritz. When we returned from our walk, we came back to find Malanata and Darlene still in my room- they were sleeping underneath my bed!! I guess they got tired while waiting for us to come back! Haha

This afternoon, Montilliea and Pierre Regis brought us back to the hotel and we brought four kids with us again- Darlene, Malanta, Clifford, and Emile. We swam around in the pool for a few hours and taught them the game Marco- Polo.. We all spent the entire time laughing!!

The children were sad to go back to the orphanage, but they had a great afternoon/evening.. Tonight Joner came over to the hotel and we all played cazino- the Haitian card game we learned last time we were here!

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