Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Connecticut Day at the Big E!

Wednesday, September 22nd
Today is a day I had been looking forward to for a while now… Connecticut Day at the Big E!! Lisa Little picked me up to be my chaperone for the day. I spent the first few hours there at the Connecticut building meeting and greeting those who came to visit our beautiful state building and to meet all the vendors. I also saw Governor Jodi Rell and other elected officials.

At 3:00 pm I had the stage to put on a show. Patty May helped me pick out a variety of different songs to sing and I was able to speak in between. Logan was also there to be with me, say a few words, and dance. Haleigh Costello and Peyton Troth introduced themselves on stage as well. There was a good amount of people gathered around to watch. My professor, Brenda Garton, and the woman I accompanied to Cambodia, MaryAnne Herron came to watch- which meant a lot to me. I received many compliments after my mini-show ☺.

At about 5pm there was a huge CT parade that went around the entire Big E! Logan and I rode in Ken Johnson’s red convertible- so much fun! After the parade, I even got to drive around a segway!! I spent the rest of the night, until 10 o’clock, walking around the rest of the big E meeting many new friends! I especially enjoyed visiting the other state buildings. I ended the evening with going to see the Vita-Mixer, an infamous blender that I have wanted forever- I could sit and watch the demonstration all night! (haha)
I love the fall season, fairs, and especially the Big E!!

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